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Santa Rosa Team Holds Championshlp and is Foremost Promoting a League 

SANTA ROSA, Nov. ,17.— The Santa Rosa championship roller skating polo team, which has been touring the Sao Joaquin Valley, meeting teams at Selma, Fresno, Madera and Merced, is expected, home tomorrow after a hard week’s work. A message from Manager H. A. Javins says the boys are 

getting well tired out with constant travel and playing every night In strange rinks, but that all are well and greatly related, as they have not lost a game during their absence. The team played two games at Stockton today. This is the first time in the history of California that polo has been played on skates for a championship, but the game has proved so interesting that it is to be taken up as regular sport, and steps are now under way for the formation of a State league, with teams from Santa Rosa, Stockton. Merced, Fresno, Selma. Los Angeles and other places, for the purpose of promoting the game

San Francisco Call, 18 November 1906


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