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Polo game on rollers 1891


Between Teams From the Olympics and the All-Californias.
The Mechanics” Pavilion was crowded last evening to witness the game of polo between a team from the Olympic Club and a team irom the All-Calilormae. The following were the teams: 

Olympics— Captain M. V. Karl Smith, A. Burge, E. H. Homer. F. Culm. C. Duffj and S. Nichols. 
All-Californias – Captain Dean. Waletein. Howe, Smith. Miett and Kahn. 

The game was played on roller skates and lasted twenty minutes. There were many falls, which delighted the audience. The same was won by the All-Californias by a score of 2 to 0. The Olympics account for the loss of the game by the bad play of Daffy. Captain Clarke of the Oakland Polo Team later in the evening challenged the Olympics to a contest, which was accepted. The arrangements will be settled today. After the game was finished the floor was crowded with skaters daring the rest of the evening. More interest seems to be manifested in this popular sport every day.

Daily Alta California, 16 January 1891


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